Unfortunately … this is going to be the last blogpost related to the Creative Thinking &a Problem Solving Course at The American University in Cairo … As the title implies, it’s going to be a reflection on the course as a whole and not just a project or an assignment in particular.
What helped my learning in this course was that the classes were not boring lectures.. but were always full of discussions and activities. I am not the type of person that is good at learning things by looking at/reading (such as in boring PowerPoint presentations). I learn best when I actually apply the concepts while learning them, which is what always happened in this course. For example, instead of learning a concept and applying it later in a project, we first apply it in a mini activity in class so that we get the hang of it, so that we actually know what we’re doing when we work on the project.

To be honest though, I would have learned better in this course if we had more help in big and complicated projects. This course is designed so that you work on improving the Creative side of your brain. However, it would have been better if we got some simple guidelines like, for example, the ones we get when writing a big paper. We were told what we were supposed to end up with, but the “how” was left for us to decide. This was a problem sometimes, as the dr’s did not like what we did. Someone could say that by saying this I am lazy and don’t want to do the work. However, it has never been wrong to learn from people who are more experienced(in this case our doctors). Although I would have liked some more guidance throughout the assignments and projects, I actually believe that if this would have happened, I would not have learned as much as I did (I never thought that I’d be saying that one day)…

The activity that I learned from the most was the one where we were supposed to create a podcast. This is because it involves studio work.. Besides singing, I am also passionate about music production and so I spend the majority of my free time in my home studio. However, I’m used to using recording equipment in an acoustically treated room. This time, I used the microphone that comes with the earphones in an outdoor area to record. Although editing the audio tracks was much harder than the usual, it greatly improved my editing skills. It also gave me a better understanding of sound acoustics.

The biggest obstacle in the course was the timing. Our schedules are already full because of all of the courses. However, the assignments in this course had to be submitted in very short times. Therefore, we did not have much time to work on them, as everything was on a very short notice. Another obstacle was that this course relies a little to much on technology. Things such as brightspace are still not ready to be used on such a demanding course, for example.

The most imporant thing that I learned In this course is that creativity is not something that people are born with, but is something that can be learned overtime. However, like in everything, some people are naturally more creative than others. This does not mean that people naturally-creative people have to always be better than the ones who learn to be creative, as this does not have to be the case whatsoever.

Because of this course, I now feel that I can handle group projects better, as I had to work in inefficient groups multiple times in this course. After what I experienced in this course, I am now better in dealing with the different problems that I am prone to facing when working with groups .

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this course and although it was not the easiest, it was definitely infoamative and fun. Five years from now, I will be thinking about this course and how it helped me in facing problems, and also how I would have faced the same problems if u hadn’t taken this course …..


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