This blogpost is going to be where I reflect on the project in which I was assigned to create a game along with my group members. It was part of the Creative Thinking And Problem Solving at The American Univerity in Cairo(I know … everytime)

To be honest .. this was one of the hardest projects that I had to work one . This wasn’t because of the difficulty of the assignment .. but because of the timing and how busy the group members were. All of us were very busy and all of us had other commitments. This is why it was extremely hard to find a time where we can all meet and work on the project.
We were supposed to meet as early as we can, plan the game, create the prototype, and present it. As soon as we created the group, we found that we cannot think of an original idea for the game . Whenever we thought of something, our dr, Dr. Maha Bali, told us that it was a game that people can get bored of and can get memorized.

After days of trying out new ideas and failing to find a time in which we were all free, w finally came up with an idea … 
It was a simple Q&A game, but with a twist. The final game was a news game that involves media literacy.
Easy player/group was given news, and they had to determine whether it was true or fake based on the information/details that they were give. The are free to do whatever they want: google, ask friends, or even guess. 

Overall, I think that we could have done much much better in this project if we had more time, and if our schedules were more free. However, I believe that we did the best we could, given the bad circumstances we were faced with, and I hope that the game was liked and enjoyed by Dr. Bali and by the people who gave it a try and played it…


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