My Visit To CREATOPIA Event At AUC… 

We were asked to join in playing several games which was known as the creatopia session. I played several games during the class but i’m not familiar with their names such as the chemical names (cards) which was basically about matching the first part of the chemical compound or name with the other. Then i played another game which was about forming links between words each containing different categories such as food, names, colors,etc. The idea behind it is to establish the largest amount of links between those words. This game was the most interesting for me because it is educational in an entertaining way..challenging our minds to create connections between different ideas/categories. The last one was about reading quotes and finding another one that shares the same theme or concept and create a ladder-like connection. I , personally, would alter some aspects in the chemistry-related game to provide a guide with the chemical forms for the people that don’t have a background on the issue and probably create some kind of motive to match the most words. Last but not least, I would like to interview the creator of the game that is based on matching ideas and words together and understand the process and the source of the game. I got to meet Farida, the creator of one of the games, however she had a meeting to attend so I wasn’t able to interview her. I plan on doing this interview someday, as her game was the one I liked the most… 😉


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